• Welcome buyers of silicone mobile phone cases to our company

    Welcome buyers of silicone mobile phone cases to our company

    Dec 16, 2019

    Just after the Spring Festival, at the beginning of work, foreign guests visited our company on site as planned. The guests first entered the factory, and they made a good first impression of our clean and tidy place. The items were neatly and orderly placed, and they were praised as soon as they were seated in the reception room. Novel silicone sleeves, waterproof silicone bags, student silicone pen holders, daily silicone supplies, kitchen silicone pads, and other silicone products. Listen to the company's person in charge to give a general introduction to the factory. Take a break and be accompanied by the company's general manager to visit In the factory's silicone products production workshop, at the production site of silicone mobile phone cases, understand the production process of household silicone bath mats and silicone pops. Environmental management, production quality management of silicone products. Customers have full confidence in the quality of our company. The best feedback from customers on the silicone mobile phone case that came out last month has strengthened their confidence in our production quality and shipping speed. Production of silicone products and silicone gifts for foreign trade. The company can stand the test Yes, it is a partner worthy of reassurance.

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  • The most popular wireless bluetooth headset silicone protective cover

    The most popular wireless bluetooth headset silicone protective cover

    Dec 13, 2019

    Headphones are now standard on smartphones. With the integration of technology and the needs of users, wireless headsets quickly match and connect with mobile phones through Bluetooth, eliminating the trouble of entanglement of the headset cable and improving the service life of the device. It is fast to charge, long to use, and highly practical, which is in line with the pursuit of fashionable young people today. Every time a new electronic product comes out, related supporting equipment comes into being. The AirPods Bluetooth wireless headset also has a silicone cover for the headset. Because it is an electronic device and there are many precision parts in the wireless headset, the protective cover of the headset must be soft, flexible, and moderate in thickness, and at the same time be able to take into account the stylish and simple aesthetics. Silicone material is naturally favored by more people. Silicone is full of flexibility, which can effectively buffer the collision of hard objects to avoid the loss of electronic equipment. At the same time, it has high plasticity and can meet the aesthetic needs of different people. The picture shows the wireless bluetooth silicone headset designed by our company, which perfectly matches the Apple AirPods charging case. There is a convenient hook hole in the upper right corner and a charging socket at the bottom. Product colors and styles can be customized, and corresponding cartoon shapes can be customized according to customer needs. Is currently the market's most popular silicone electronic accessories products.

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  • The function and function of food grade silica gel

    The function and function of food grade silica gel

    Nov 18, 2019

    Products made from food grade silica gel can directly touch the body and the human esophagus without causing any harm. whether it is adults or children or the elderly, the silicone products of common babies are also very much. pocket, silicone nipple, silicone toy, silicone squeegee, silicone drinking cup, but also silicone fresh cover, silicone folding cup and so on. The development of silica gel products has been coming to china as early as 1980. silicone products have been very popular and used in developed countries such as europe and america. however, in china, although the development of various silicone products is still in its infancy, as people's living standards continue to improve, everyone's awareness of health and improvement of silicone products are increasingly valued. In our current lives, silicone products have become the target of choice for most consumers, especially for making some household items, which have been largely proved. kin shing silicone products Factory is a professional manufacturer of silicone products. Custom or mold 3D files can be customized according to customer design drawings. silicone materials are environmentally friendly, healthy and non-toxic, and will be destined to become the future, so that more household items will be consumed in the future.

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  • Is it safe to use silicone products?

    Is it safe to use silicone products?

    Nov 10, 2019

    With the increasing number of silicone products, silicone products have been integrated into our diet, beauty, medical care, breastfeeding, etc., so the safety of silicone products is an urgent concern. Now let's analyze the safety of silicone products: Because of its good stability and special resistance to high temperature and low temperature, silica gel can be heated in a microwave oven without deforming or releasing toxic substances. It can also be stored in a refrigerator. The silica gel is close to human skin because of its texture, and it is non-toxic and odorless. Therefore, the pacifier made by children using silicone is also very healthy, and the good silicone has automatic disinfection function, no stains, easy to clean, and now many fashion families use silicone kitchen utensils, because it can cook with microwave oven. More time and less time, more importantly, it will not produce soot. Information about what kind of silica gel materials and silicone products are safe is introduced here. It is good for us all to know more about the things that we usually touch in life. I hope these contents can help you.

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  • Advantages and characteristics of silicone tableware

    Advantages and characteristics of silicone tableware

    Nov 10, 2019

       The birth of silicone kitchen utensils and silicone tableware is mainly because in recent years, as most consumers' demand for daily necessities has increased, consumers' demand for kitchen products has become more diversified, and they are creative and personalized. Supplies are more interesting. Nowadays, many designers integrate color and creativity into the kitchen and household items, and the natural and beautiful colors and humanized and considerate design bring more comfortable and more colorful high-quality home life to the vast number of consumers!    These kitchen household items use the table as the best display platform, not only to highlight the concept of the home, but also to express the natural, environmentally friendly, healthy and colorful with more vivid colors - the fusion of fresh vegetables, fruits and tableware, to convey A humanistic concept in which people live in harmony with nature. When you see these products, you will be attracted by these colorful silicone materials in the first time. This is a creative and environmentally friendly silicone. Modern living appliances must be safe. Silicone is not very strange in life. Most baby pacifiers. They are made of silica gel. Silica gel is a highly active adsorbent material. Its main component is silica. It is non-toxic, tasteless and very flexible. It has become the best material for "baby pacifier" many years ago, and it is insoluble in water and any other solvent. It is chemically stable and does not react with any substance other than strong base and hydrofluoric acid. These characteristics make it a completely environmentally friendly and superior material for modern household products. Food-grade silicone kitchen utensils Silicone tableware is the first choice for home and kitchen products at home and abroad.

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  • Japanese guests come to our company to negotiate the order silicone wallet

    Japanese guests come to our company to negotiate the order silicone wallet

    Sep 19, 2019

    After the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Japanese guests who came from a long distance, accompanied by the general manager of our company, visited the production process of the silicone wallet and left a deep impression on our factory floor environment and the attitude of the production staff. Impression, clean and tidy air-conditioning molding workshop guarantees the product quality of the silicone wallet, skilled production workers improve production efficiency, increase the company's product competitiveness, provide cost-effective products for our foreign customers, and provide in the market competition. A solid competitive foundation.

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